What makes EDULEARN TOOLS different from other toys ?

The human baby is born as a helpless little bundle of joy to his parents. A mother forgets all her pain as
she sees her baby grow. The parents are filled with pride when their baby learns something new. The
first steps he takes, the first word he speaks the first letter he writes and so much more.

The human baby has a biological pre-disposition for language acquisition, with a brain being pre-wired
for this purpose. At this point it is essential to understand that parents are the first teachers for their
baby from the day he is born. The little infant recognizes his mother’s voice since the day he is born, and
can discriminate between his native language and another as young as 2 weeks of age. Thus,
environmental stimulation becomes necessary for the baby learn how to speak.

Several theories by linguists re-enforce the above ideas, such as the famous theory of Nature versus
Nurture and Vygotsky’s Sociolinguistic theory as well as Piaget’s Cognitive Theory and Language
Acquisition. More information can be found through these links


The early years are known as the Critical Period in the child’s life, because the brain is most malleable or
plastic, which means that a lot of learning happens very quickly during this period.

The Edulearn Tools have been prepared through careful research, aiming to help parents, teachers and other
caregivers create an environment that stimulates the cognitive, language and literacy skills of little
children through play, making it interesting, pleasurable and most of all easy.

Queries and concerns of parents shall be addressed. Please email on edulearntools@gmail.com

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