How Your Child Thinks

Help your child build abstract thinking skills throughout the day by talking about –.

Children and adults think very differently. Most of these are the matter of abilities that are developed over time. There are many research and studies done about how children’s thinking develops.

Praise your child a lot for little efforts. Always encourage them for their accomplishments.

Improve Your Child’s Self-Esteem

Parents have a major impact on their children’s self-esteem.  Self-esteem is the collection of feelings that we all have about ourselves.  How we see/think about ourselves, it could be both positive and negative influences of our attitudes and behaviours in life.

In order to encourage your children to build good self-esteem keep these things in mind when talking to them.

  • Try to the world through your child’s eyes.
  • Communicate with respect. Don’t interrupt their move towards their self-esteem.
  • Treat all your children equally.
  • Accept and love your children for who they are. This will allow them to feel more comfortable in learning how to solve problems.
  • Ask for their contributions. This communicates your faith in his abilities and gives him a sense of responsibility.
  • Treat mistakes as learning experiences. Most of the times, parents who overreact to their children’s mistakes tend to avoid taking risks, then end up blaming others for their problems.
  • Let them solve problems and make decisions. Always guide them in according to their comfort levels.
  • Discipline to teach. Do not discipline in a way that humiliates your child.
  • Use words of encouragement and praise.
  • Apply efforts to keep communication open.


How to Encourage Abstract Thinking:

  • Give them lots of opportunities for experiences. Pattern blocks, shape sets, connecting cubes, and unit blocks and other games help your child build representations of mathematical ideas. You can get some really interesting stuff from
  • Talk to your child. Discussion helps a lot. It helps them to learn abstract concepts. Discuss events that happened long ago and far away. Ask them to plan their day of what they will do tomorrow. If the child is trying to solve a specific problem, motivate them to apply different solution to the problem. Keep in touch with the child and notice if they are applying different approaches in other activities like speaking, drawing, painting, or colouring and many other activities that a child normally engages in.
  • Ask questions – Why? How? Why not? What if? These questions help your child to think better.

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