Children’s Behaviour

Being a good parent tends to be difficult at time. There is no official training on how to raise our child effectively, we only generally tend to apply what our parents taught us and repeat it to our own offspring. If we were unfortunate to grow upon a dysfunctional environment, then it can lead to replicating the same mistakes we experienced as children when it is our turn to become parents.

The following effective tools can help us in order to bring a little more order in our living environment:



Appreciate your child and their behaviour whenever you witnessed your child being good and make them realise that how appreciative you have been by them.



You should put a chart sheet or a calendar that lists day to day task that you want to be complete; it will inspire your child to do their chores and will help them in long term. From taking out the trash, setting the dinner table, brushing their teeth, respecting the elders or being nice to siblings, this all should be addressed properly in the sheets.



You should let your child understand what specific behaviours that are not allowed whenever your child misbehaves. Speak to them and tell them what they are doing wrong, and issue a warning. The way you deal with your child should be very simple and clear so that they understand exactly what behaviour problems need to be addressed.



If you witness your child acting poorly character wise them should dive in to find out that what may be what may be going on. The odd behaviour of children may be due to being picked on at school or any tension within the family. Try to speak with them and find out why they are upset which you are unaware of so that you may address their problems.



Routine is the key to the child’s health and relaxation as children tends to respond well any structured routine, so try to have a consistent time for meal and bed time everyday


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